Saturday, August 22, 2009

Baconnaise, Cock Magic, and The Alamo

Once again I return after many moons of not blogging. Don't get me wrong, plenty of good times have been had, and hell, that's part of the reason I don't have the kind of time needed to blog. Just to recap a little, life is going well, but "well" doesn't even do it justice! We closed on our house, Aka The Alamo, yesterday; it's a 1927 Spanish house, with a basement (super rare for Fla; it's only 1 of 20 houses in Tampa w/ a basement). Jaydee (the bf) and I will be blogging about it intermittently here. There is a ton of work to do on it, but the house has a lot of character, which is what we wanted instead of a cookie cutter house.

To introduce Jaydee a little, he's a quality dude. I dated him before I moved to Mpls, but it wasn't serious, and it took him about 6 months after I moved for him to figure out I'm a "unique" find (hey, I didn't get moved across the country twice because I was average; the great cans didn't hurt either). At first I thought it was one of those "wanting something you couldn't have" things, but he kept at it for 3 1/2 years. Other notable things he's done to prove that he digs me (besides just putting up with my lunacy): driving 4 hrs on xmas eve to pick me up from the airport because it was the only airport in the state of fla I could get into, letting me make the majority of the decorating decisions for The Alamo, and flying up to MN to help me drive my car down. Also, besides having a magical cock, he's super smart (which is hot), makes delicious beef jerky, and supports my womanizing.

In other news, I got a fantastic marketing job at a place that produces 4 soon to be 5 publications. In a shitacular economy, a hooking up growing business is the wise route to go. There, I study the demographics of each mag's target audience, then come up with new/pre-existing products or services that fit, and then chase down the right contact person. It's how I found out about baconaisse! I'd like to note I don't do any selling; we have a dept for that & I'm way too emo for sales (and it would probably end up with me cursing people out, telling them to buy my fuckin' advertisement or I'll slit their throat).

There's many stories I'd like to catch up on, and will try to get to. For now, have a slideshow and don't forget to check out our house's blog!