Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Robo-Trippin', Gandolf The Molester, Gwar, & Bar Dancing

I'm sick, no swine flu (although my gay's got it, and JayDee felt that this made them "disease ridden plague-rats", which of course got me spicy towards him). Yesterday, while accidentally robotripping, I had a religious experience, in which I saw Mechano Jesus (who's tears are pure WD-40, by the way). Fortunately, I went to sleep before the walls started melting.

In other news, stuff AND things are going exceedingly well. Been doing more blogging here, about The Alamo, which is the culmination of our pride, fears, hemorrhaging of monies, and hope all in one 1920's style mission house.

As for funsies, I threw Dad a birthday bbq-pool party. The dixie slut and her fake cans that visited him from TX did not come to it, because he figured out she was a gold digging whore, and took her back to the airport early. Been to a few boxing matching and MMA fights. Only one resulted in an almost-fight (I so did not start it with that guy; you can't start talking about my boobs while I walk by without considering I might tell you graphically how you should kill yourself in front of your buddies). Rosemarie and I have had some good times, including a vodka tonic night that ended playing on a trampoline, and another night that included us dancing on the bar at Coyote Ugly and stroking some girl's giant inflatable wiener. I went to Busch Gardens for Hallowscream again, note super-tall Gandolf trying to feel me up below. I saw GWAR, which where we were at in VIP, is literally like the front row to the apocalypse; even got to meet Batman there, among other curious creatures. If you've never seen GWAR live, you need to; who wouldn't want to see a sci-fi metal thrash band that dances around with a giant fake cock that has a pig's head on the end of it?

Well, those are the highlights, I can only manage so much these days, because of time constraints, and general ambivalence. Stay tuned for impending Guavaween, Deadmau5, and Nerdcon events which are on the horizon! If I haven't said it before, I'll say it now, I am so incredibly glad I moved back from Minneapolis!