Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Before I leave, Brush my Teeth With a Bottle of Jack...

Been a holiday of wonderment; baked an obscene amount of deliciousness I sent to various parts of the continental US. Now I'm sick with a cold, it sucks, and I'm doing shots of dayquil with the cat (Mr Meowpants is not having any). Fortunately, I was still able to party with my bff for his birthday and New Year's Eve with champagne and some other party favors I probably shouldn't mention.

I am unsure why I even bother blogging anymore. I'm considering starting a new one that focuses on a facet of my life, that just would not do to discuss here. What's the purpose of it anyways? To be cathartic, and to exercise a writing muscle one might not otherwise get to. Unfortunately, too many people that know me, or did know me read it, and it definitely diminishes the potential for what I'm actually able to write.

The Alamo's blog will continue on, I imagine. We are considering getting turrets on the wall we will eventually build around it (manned by what else, rabid badgers?). In other news, an alarming amount of my electronics have been getting wet. Not cool. The blackberry spent last night and today in a ziplock full of rice to get the moisture out. The laptop's right button wont work now because of some Sierra Nevada CELEBRATION holiday brew. So, new years resolution: Stop fucking up the stuff I have because I dont want to spend monies to replace it!

Rose-marie and I have had our vodka tonic nights, I met a midget in ybor city (yes, he will wrestle me in lime jello, and said if i did it in a bikini, he'd get some of his friends to accompany him), got lots of fun jewelry for xmas (AND A KNIFE, to protect it, I guess!). It's been busy, and it's been fun, and I wouldn't trade it for all of the vodka in Russia.