Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Goose Stepping Overlords and Fembots

So who’s ready for socialism with a side of fascism? Take a peak at a convo I had today with a friend, as I don’t feel could possibly better sum up my feelings:
(9:06:38 AM) J W: OBAMA2K8!
(9:16:49 AM) ME: I KNOW I AM!!!
(9:17:03 AM) J W: McCain=Facism
(9:17:08 AM) J W: Obama=Socialism
(9:17:17 AM) J W: I for one look forward to our goose stepping overlords
(9:20:01 AM) ME: i agree wholly
(9:20:10 AM) ME: i hope it becomes a combo
(9:20:15 AM) me: with robot task masters
(9:20:24 AM) J W: Fembots?
(9:20:41 AM) ME hopefully
(9:20:46 AM) ME: i like my robots with boobies
(9:20:57 AM) J W: big lucious tits with strapons?
(9:21:04 AM) Me: absolutely
(9:21:11 AM) Me: to penetrate us with their political prowess
(9:21:17 AM) ME: hows taht for alliteration?
(9:22:07 AM) J W: I'm excited
(9:22:34 AM) ME: i figured
(9:23:10 AM) J W: why so bitter
(9:23:23 AM) ME: me?
(9:23:26 AM) ME: naw, it's just politics
(9:23:36 AM) ME: i'll vote for who i wish, but i think both are figureheads
(9:24:12 AM) J W: both are vile
(9:24:22 AM) ME: exactly
(9:24:44 AM) Me: it's like being forced to pick between a masturbation session with a potato peeler and a battery acid douche
(9:25:33 AM) J W: with a side of sodomy
(9:28:01 AM) ME: indeed


Malach the Merciless said...

Wow, that's like two days in a row, come off the booze wagon did we?

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Oh Man!! Don't remind me about masturbation with a potato peeler! That was so not a good idea...

moooooog35 said...

What kind of potato peeler?

The hand-held one, or the one that you slide the potato across and can make little julienne french fries?

I just made myself throw up a little bit.

Slyde said...

it ALWAYS devolves into boobies...

King of New York Hacks said...

you want to see akick ass potato peeler?? Head on over to my website where I just posted about the greatest potato peeler seller in the world !!

Bruce said...

I didn't vote for these same reasons. While Obama may have the makings of a great Prez....they are both figureheads of a two headed serpent with the same body. A choice between two people put forth by two parties is not a 'choice' per sae. We are forced to chose between what others have offered us....not choose the candidate we WANT. America does not like that sort of Democracy.

Colonel Colonel said...

Just stay away from the electric peelers...

Beach Bum said...

Fembots? Talk about a fantasy blast from the past along with the Bionic Woman. Always thought Lindsey Wagner would have been a great lay.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...


harx said...

Dude, the side of sodomy is KEY!!!

BBC said...

What would a party girl drunk know about socialism and fascism?

No one minds a little socialism, as long as it's pointed their way.