Friday, September 7, 2007

Truly Flasktastic!

so when i went to the irish fest, i got a customized flask with my last name and coat of arms on it. i waited with anticipation for it to arrive in the mail. AT LAST! before i could take it to the fair for its monumental first outing last week, i realized that in order not to waste any liquid vodka deliciousness, i needed a funnel to facilitate the transfer from bottle to flask. i don't know of any place that sells funnels for the express purpose of filling up your flask(which is ridiculous, and once i start my store "Lava Lamps and Clit Piercings" that will be one of the items we always have in stock) , so off i go to the auto parts store, flask in hand to measure, cause i don't want to get a funnel that wont fit the narrow opening. i am lazy, so i ask the sales guy to help me find a funnel, and he looks at me like "why does some chick need a goddamn funnel" because i do not look the the type to be changing my own oil. so i whip out my flask, much like a hobo would whip out his dirty penis, to start sizing up funnels. the sales guys eyes became huge with astonishment. this 250 plus lb guy just starts snickering, like a little girl. and i'm like WTF? i'm trying to practice responsible drinking and not alcohol abuse (which, without the flask, i'm sure would happen because i'd be spilling liquid vodka delight all over the place). anyway, once he realized i was indeed serious, i got my funnel and left a happy customer. it's maiden voyage at the fair was successful, just added it to some lemonade and i was set to go. tomorrow it's coming with me to the renaissance festival...i already have it chilling in the freezer, chock full of vodka-y goodness! YUM


Arthur Fonzarelli said...

I have little use for Craig's List rants/raves these days, but I did peruse them the other day for state fair anecdotes, particularly because I wanted to share one of my own. I recall your posting about the state fair/lemonade....I didn't know of you when I read it, and I never pictured someone like you, either. I figured it was a dude. Silly me.

Brendan said...

Thanks for the peach-martini tip. It's within stumbling-distance of my abode, too so I should probably stumble over there at some point in my life. I'll be the one with a red carnation.