Sunday, October 21, 2007

A-Z Facts About Me

Despite doing something that was very similar, I will still answer an A-Z about me, since Nellioness tagged me (but only because she posts a myriad of naked girls on her blog, so be sure to check her out).

Absolut Vodka; it always makes my night Absolutely fanfuckingtastic.

Boonesfarm; the Colt 45 of wine... it's reaaal classy!

Carlton Meowpants; my cat that I left in Fla with my Aunt.

Douchebaggery; I encounter this many places: at work, the bar, while driving etc...

Eggs; I prefer them over-easy.

Freckles; I have a whole metric ass ton of them.

Gansta' Rap; gets me to a zen-like state at work, and allows me to ignore the banal chatter of my cowokers.

Hanjob Pink; my favorite color of nail polish.

Irish; it makes up the entirety of my ethnicity.

Jansen, Famke; she is delicious and hot, and if it were possible, I would bear her children (full-term too, no 2nd trimester abortions for OUR fetus!)

Kool-aide: always a great mixer when you are on a budget.

Liquor Lyles; it's a hardcore bar, that has FREEEEEEE fried chicken for happy hour, and like any true southerner, I can appreciate fried food.

Midgets; One of my life goals is to wrestle one in lime jello. I came close
one night.

Ninja Pirate; seriously, it's my occupation.

Orange Groves; I spent a lot of time in my family's while growing up.

if I had one, it would be freakin' ginormous.

Queens; they really love my boobs and hair; and enjoy petting both.

Red Bull; it tastes great mixed with mandarin vodka, and is my drink of choice usually.

Shnapps; I've never met a flavor I didn't like.

Tom Selleck; after starting to watch reruns of Magnum PI, I really appreciate the power of his 'stache, and believe it is one of the reasons he kicks so much ass.

Uptown Minneapolis; I live here and do most of my partying here.

Vodka; it's what usually fills my flask.

Wookie; I really want a pet wookie.

Xanex; need I even say anymore?

Yoga; it keeps me from being a fat ass.

Zeitgeist; The title of Smashing Pumpkin's new CD. I honestly have a raging hard on for it.

I'm supposed to tag other people, but that seems like a lot of work, and I know the majority of the people in our little blogosphere have already done something similar not too long ago.


C.Rag said...

I like midget porn

Tequila Mockingbird said...

C.rag: who isnt. their little bitty hands, giving handjobs... so cute!

Malach the Merciless said...

Bridget the sexy midget!

Mike said...

I feel hung like a horse when I'm hanging out with midgets.

Phoebe Fay said...

Boones Farm? Oh honeychil'. That is just so wrong.

jedimacfan said...

bleh... Why is the weekend already over?

Joseph said...

if I had a penis too... it would be freakin hu....


I should really get that looked at.

Anonymous said...

Douchebaggery A new take on my favorite word, thanks!

Sara Sue said...

Please post pictures of said raging hard-on.

moooooog35 said...

I did mine.

And did someone say midget porn?! How did my home movie get out?